Coffee Time in Kochi

Travelling can be hectic sometimes. There is a lot of walking, shopping, general roaming around and posing for photos involved in a trip. If all the above activities are in a city, there will be added tiredness what with the crowded streets and traffic. So, what can you do to feel fresh again? Coffee of… Read more »

Getting Pampered on Luxurious Trip to Kerala

I don’t believe that there is a single person in the world who doesn’t like to get pampered. For me getting pampered on Luxurious Trip to Kerala is going to a nice resort, getting massages, enjoying spa days and sipping cocktails while I laze around and lounge in the sun. This definition of getting pampered… Read more »

Goa or Kerala : Where to go next?

Honestly speaking I did not know this was a topic of discussion until I started reading various travel forums on the Internet. I always thought of Goa and Kerala as having different types of vibes and hence I never saw a chance of there being confusion as to which place one wanted to choose for… Read more »

Kerala Holiday has something for everyone

DESTINATIONS CLASSIFIED! Kerala is a land of many varieties. On one hand you have beaches and backwaters. A small ride from these beaches will take you to beautiful hill stations. Then you have the beautiful forests with tree houses and the lakes with house boats. You can have a calm and serene vacation or a… Read more »

6 Authentic Places to Eat in Kerala

Kerala has so much to see or do. Its time to take care of your hunger, its TIME TO EAT! Food, like I have mentioned in many other articles before, is a weakness for the average Malayali. And I don’t blame them for it. Kerala cuisine is quite amazing. I realised that I made a… Read more »


Malayalam is the native language of Kerala. To the untrained ear, it would sound like a musical in gibberish. I have also heard that it is a tough language to learn. But since I was born and brought up in Kerala, speaking in Malayalam has never been a problem for me. Now, there are many… Read more »

Being a Localite in Kerala

While on Kerala Holidays, you will visit lot of “touristy places” (as I like to call them). These are the tourist attractions which are frequented by tourists. Everybody who visits Kerala goes to these places, takes photos and leaves the state. But, if you are one of the serious kinds of tourists, then you must… Read more »

Packing List for Kerala Tour

Packing is a headache. It really is. I am a last minute packer and when I say last minute, I mean that I start packing an hour before I have to leave my home. This usually puts me in a panic attack mode and I pack like a fanatic. The result? I end up packing… Read more »

Best Scenic Drives in Kerala

I believe that journeys are as important as the destinations they take you to. Sometimes it is the journey that you remember in five years than the name of the hill station you went to. It is for this reason that I believe in taking the pain and booking a cab or a bus to… Read more »

Interesting Stay in Kerala

There are many interesting and new things you can try in Kerala. You can shop for things you didn’t know you wanted, relish things which you didn’t know you liked and walk through streets which look foreign. Now, all you need to do to make your stay more interesting is to spend your nights at… Read more »