Best Time to Visit Kerala: Summer or Monsoon?

You must have been planning to visit Kerala for a whole now. You’ve read up on most of the destinations, looked at all the traveller images, decided your must-visit places and maybe even made an itinerary. But, when you start booking tickets, there’s problem. What is the best time to visit Kerala? You’ve heard it rains here all the time, you’ve heard the sun kills in the summer. But how can you chill at the beach when it’s pouring rain? But what’s the point of travelling all the way to Kerala in but not being able to get out and roam because of the summer sun?

If you ask me, it all depends on what you want to do in Kerala and where all in the state you want to visit. Worry not. I’ll help you decide what time is best for your little expedition of this land. It isn’t horribly complicated.


Kerala with rivers, backwaters and greenery misleads you into believing that the weather is always equitable and amazing. This would have been true a few years back before the whole global warming phenomenon (time to take care of the environment, huh?). Trust me when I say that summers in Kerala is horrible. It might not be as bad as the summers in some other parts of India, but it really isn’t the best weather to roam around. And roaming around is something you will be doing a lot if you visit Kerala. With the many number of beautiful streets in Kochi, the busy markets in Kozhikode and the many beaches all over the State, you would want to walk around a lot.

The weather in Kerala during summers is humid. You sweat a lot and this becomes inconvenient when all you want to do is take some really photos and look good in them. Air conditioning has become inevitable for survival these days. However, if you are trying to get a nice tan on you, paying a visit to one of the beaches during this time will be a good idea. Most beaches look amazing in the summers. I don’t think I have to go into the details of how refreshing a swim feels on a hot summer day. This you cannot do in the monsoon. Most beaches in Kerala become unsafe for swimming during the monsoon. Same goes for the waterfalls. Even if they are safe to enter normally, guards close them down if it rains as a precautionary sign.

Summers however are the best time to visit the hill stations in Kerala. The weather will be absolutely amazing during the summer. Hill stations like Munnar and Thekkady will be ideal spots if you want to take walks, go trekking or generally stay outdoors a lot during your stay.



Kerala is famous for its rains. The land is this green for a reason and that is the two sets of monsoon Kerala receives. And these aren’t your typical drizzles. The rains in Kerala are strong and pour down with much vigour. There will be wind, thunder, lightning and the whole show. It is entertaining and terrifying at the same time. Maybe for some people this sort of weather is an troublesome when on tours but Kerala’s monsoons are an experience on their own.

Waking up to a morning which is wet from the rain the night before is one of the best things in the world. The cool breeze that will hit you as soon as you step outside will rejuvenate you. It will probably rain throughout the day – sometimes light drizzles, sometimes heavy rains. You needn’t pay much heed to the light drizzles but if you really want to dance in the rain, I would suggest you face the heavy rains.

You might not be able to explore Kerala as much as you want during the monsoons, but if you are looking for a relaxing vacation, the monsoons will help you with that. Get a cottage somewhere in the less busy parts of the state and enjoy the stay. Read some books, listen to music, meditate, eat, sleep and of course, drink a hot beverage when it rains.


Having said all of this, I must confess that Kerala usually has a weather which doesn’t ruin your plans for a vacation. The best time to visit is from September to May. However, all other months are equally fine for a visit. Just make sure you don’t plan an all-beach trip in the monsoon or a complete outdoor trip during the summer. Get an umbrella, sunscreen lotions and you are good to face any weather Kerala might throw at you. So don’t let the weather stop you from planning a trip.

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Written by Meenakshi

Dog Lover. Procrastinator. Law Student. Self Proclaimed Stud.